The Field | Boulder


The Field | Boulder.  Art Grows Here.


Five Tuesday’s
Sept. 10 – Oct. 8

6:30 – 9:00 pm

Department of Theater & Dance

Studio 325


All Artists:  Composers, Film Makers, Directors, Dance Artists, Story-Tellers, Comedians, Poets, Writers, Photographers, Visual Artists, etc.


5 weeks for $65

This includes:

•4 weeks of facilitated Fieldwork feedback
(Facilitation by Jun Akiyama, Peg Posnick, & Chrissy Nelson )

•Informal performance sharing with the community on Oct. 8 (5th week)

Space is limited to FIVE CU artists and FIVE Community artists.

You can secure a spot by sending payment and an email to:
Chrissy Nelson

Send registration payment via PayPal:


Send registration payment via check to:

Chrissy Nelson
memo:  FALL Fieldwork
4264 Evans Dr.
Boulder, CO 80303

WHAT is Fieldwork?

Fieldwork is a peer to peer feedback process, with very specifically developed guidelines, that supports the autonomy of the creating artist. See more below…..

WHO Participates?

Performing artists of all live mediums. Dancers, Composers, Actors, Directors, Visual artists, Film artists, Multi-Media artists, Puppeteers, Story-Tellers, etc. Emerging thru Mid-Career artists with work in the very beginning stages thru mostly completed work can benefit from this process.


FIELDWORK provides artists of all live mediums with a workshop situation that allows them to share works in progress with their peers and get feedback as the work develops. The Field has developed a structure for giving feedback that makes it safe to show work in the vulnerable developmental stage, while receiving encouraging straight, honest responses and information regarding the material. Beginner and experienced artists are both encouraged to participate.

FIELDWORK is for all artists who would like to break through the isolation of working alone, would like to expose their work to a larger circle of artists from other disciplines, and would enjoy getting to know and work with a larger community. Also for people who work better under a deadline, these workshops are an incentive to keep working and producing material. Meeting one day each week for three hours, the workshop culminates in a showing of the work developed throughout the process.

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