CI IA 2015

Intensive Teacher at Contact Improvisation Iowa 2015 at Luther College
July 12-15
learn more here

TEACHING in ITHACA – June 24 & 25

Dance Guest Artist Mini-Series with Chrissy Nelson & Maren Waldman

Tuesday & Wednesday, June 24 & 25, 2014
CRS Barn Studio, 2622 N Triphammer Rd, Ithaca

Tuesday, June 24, 10-11:30am with Chrissy Nelson, MFA
Body Friction: Dancing Against the Grain
This full-bodied movement investigation will begin with a somatics-based warm-up that transitions into guided improvisational scores and ends with an upright explosion of choreographed interruptions in space.

Wednesday, June 25, 10-11:30am with Maren Waldman, MFA
Pulse with the Planet: Contemporary Modern/Jazz Fusion
Starting slowly from an internal, embodied sensation of pulse, we play with rhythmic expression through a fusion of modern, jazz, and social dance. Class includes an anatomically intelligent warm-up, training for strength, precision and balance, and full-bodied choreography.

Come play! Invite your friends!

Pay what you can, suggested sliding scale $20-$5 per class.
Mini-series is designed for intermediate/advanced dancers, and all abilities are welcome.

chrissyln@yahoo.com or 303.641.4529
maren@movingjoystudios.com or 607-227-7422

Chrissy Nelson, a mama/dance artist/physical therapist/Pilates instructor, received her MFA in Performance & Choreography at CU-Boulder focusing on Somatics, Dance Wellness, and Interdisciplinary and Improvisational Performance. She’s performed in works by Onye Ozuzu, Gesel Mason, and Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser, and has shown her collaborative work at University of Colorado-Boulder, Naropa University, The Boulder International Fringe Festival, and various performance spaces and galleries throughout Boulder, Denver, and Pittsburgh.  In November 2012, Nelson completed her interdisciplinary research, Skin & Pulp, where she re-configured the performance space into a gallery of merging performance installations, challenging the temporal, vertical, and proscenium lenses through which we may view dance, performance art, and life. She will be performing her newest work, sight | unseen, June 2014 at the Body-MInd Centering conference at Skidmore College, where she will continue to do challenge those boundaries.

Maren Waldman is a dancer, choreographer, educator, and body-worker who is passionate about researching the ways that dance and movement build connection. Her work specifically investigates the relationship between the body and the planet, raising awareness of environmental issues. She is currently completing her first environmental dance film, Postcards to the Earth. Maren holds an MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography with a focus on Somatics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her advanced training includes Limon technique, Release technique, Afro-modern, House, Transnational Fusion, Ballet, Jazz, Swing, and Salsa, along with somatic practices of yoga, Alexander Technique®, Ideokinesis®, and Body-Mind Centering®. A former Ithaca resident, she is excited to return to her beloved homeland and share the dance.

Body INTERRUPTION:  Adv. Contemporary Dance Performance Technique

13 Week Series
Sept. 19 – Dec. 19

Thursday’s 10:15 am – 11:45 pm
*Pre-Eminence Hall
3213 Walnut Street – Boulder

$15 Drop-In
$150 for full series ($30 savings) due by Sept. 26

This series investigates the friction found in body INTERRUPTIONs that can create potent creative responses. Aiming to interrupt the typical training for dance artists, this technique class will merge somatics, intense technical prowess of horizontal and vertical work, improvisation, and composition to bring clarity to our performing minds and bodies.

This class is based on Chrissy’s research of Movement Fundamentals, developed by Jane Hawley, Associate Professor of Dance at Luther College, Body-Mind Centering®, the Alexander Technique, and improvisational forms.

Chrissy has been accepted to present her creative research, influenced by these modalities, at the Annual BMCA conference at Skidmore College in June 2014. Chrissy has also started work with Hugh Lobel and Kyle Monks for Lobel’s ATLAS Residency scheduled for April 2014, and will be performing with Kim Olson/Sweet Edge in an ATLAS Residency in Oct. 2013.

This technique class is part of The SPILL Project. Please refer to The SPILL Project page for more information on other SPILL Project artists and classes too!

Chrissy Nelson
Dance Artist | Physical Therapist | Pilates Instructor

*Directions to PreEminence Hall

Go to the cross-section of 30th & Walnut.
Go East on Walnut.
Pass 32nd…then,
Make a quick LEFT at the FIRST driveway (Twisted Pine Brewery now on your left).
Turn right into parking area after passing the Twisted Pine.
Park anywhere along the long building, even in front of the other businesses.
Go in thru the door painted bright RED.

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