New Projects

Fall 2017:  Fall Fieldwork co-facilitation with Jun Akiyama, CU- Boulder.

Spring 2017:  Attended CI Ground Research:  CI & Philosophy and Gender Roles.  Followed by facilitation of the Spring Equinox Jam, EarthDance.

Spring 2017:  Performance in Gwen Ritchies’ MFA concert at CU-Boulder, Alter/Altar.

Spring 2017:  Attending Bi-Annual Field Network Conference, Miami.

Winter 2017:  Winter Fieldwork co-facilitation with Peg Posnick at The Riverside, Boulder.

Spring 2016:  Teaching, Facilitating & Performing in Salt Lake City as part of The Field Network Touring Exchange, supported by the NEA.

January 2016:  Winter Fieldwork facilitation Jan. 24 – Feb. 21.

December 2015:  Performance in a duet created by Gwen Ritchie.  Space.  FRESH, CU-Boulder.

October 2015:  Guest Faculty, Texas Dance Improvisation Festival (TWU)
& Guest Artist, University of North Texas

September – November 2015:  Co-Facilitation of Fall Fieldwork with Sonya Smith at CU-Boulder.

August 2015:  Facilitation of Summer Fieldwork at Boulder Public Library.

July 2015:  Attendance and Facilitation at the Movement Fundamentals Coalescence 2015 with Jane Hawley, Professor of Dance, Luther College, Decorah, IA.

July 2015:  Intensive teacher at CI IA 2015 at Luther College, Decorah, IA.

July 2015:  Co-Facilitation of FRASS 4.0 with dance artist, Jeanine McCain.

May 2015:  Attendance of Moab’s Annual Contact Improvisation Workshop.

April 2015:  Attendance at the Annual Fieldwork Conference, Washington, DC, and presenting a new solo work.

April 2015:  Residency at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa.  Another Way In.  Teaching classes in Movement Fundamentals, Contact Improvisation, and Wellness, and co-facilitating (with Bailey Anderson) a discussion on Somatics and Privilege.

February 2015:  Facilitation of Spring Fieldwork at CU-Boulder.  10 Boulder and CU artists are coming together for 6 weeks, sharing their developing creative work, and giving each other feedback based the Fieldwork’s specific peer to peer, “tell us what you see, not what you want us to do” type of feedback, giving autonomy to each artist.  SHOWING MARCH 8th, CU-Boulder.

January 2015:  Performance in Including You, an evening created by Millie Heckler & Megan Odom.  Improvisation directed by Megan Odom, performed by Chrissy Nelson & Mandy Greenlee.

December 2014:
Participation in CI workshop taught by Nancy Stark Smith & Mike Vargas.  Boulder.

November 2014: Participation in the Failure Festival, curated by Laura Ann Samuelson.
NOT BREVITY, NOT BREVITY 3.1, made in collaboration with Blake Nellis, MSP-based artist.

September 2014: Performed in The Boulder International Fringe Festival.
dirtland, Directed by Joanna Rotkin, and performed by Joanna and the Agitators.

July 2014: Performance, research presentation, attendance at the Movement Fundamentals Coalescence with Jane Hawley, Professor of Dance, Luther College, Decorah, IA.

June 2014:  Performance and attendance at the BMCA annual conference, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY.  sight | unseen, solo.

May 2014: Attendance at the Moab Contact Improvisation Workshop.


SPILL artist, Chrissy Nelson, is honored to be collaborating once again with composer and DMA candidate at CU-Boulder, Hugh Lobel, and video artist, Kyle Monks on Lobel’s thesis project,

-T H E  P A I N  O F  B E C O M I N G-

premiering April 4th & 5th in the ATLAS Black Box Performance Space.  SPILL artists Joanna Rotkin and Laura Ann Samuelson, along with recent Boulder resident and artist, Gwen Ritchie, are also collaborating in the shaping of the work.  Chrissy, Joanna, Laura Ann, and Gwen will be performing along with 7 LIVE musicians in this extraordinary interdisciplinary blending of music, dance, and video.

To find out more, you can view video footage on our INDIEGOGO page.  And if you feel MOVED, please support your local artists dedicated to making outstanding work.


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