Chrissy Nelson, a mama/dance artist/physical therapist/Pilates instructor, received her MFA in Performance & Choreography at CU-Boulder focusing on Somatics, Dance Wellness, and Interdisciplinary and Improvisational Performance.  During her time at CU, she performed in works by Onye Ozuzu, Gesel Mason, and Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser, and has shown her collaborative work in CU’s Nexus (2010), Naropa University’s Somatic Arts Concert (2011), and in the ATLAS Black Box (2012, 2014).  As a long time resident of the Denver/Boulder area, she has performed with many local companies, including Joanna and the Agitators, kim olson/sweet edge, Haan Dances, Third Law Dance Theater, and Hannah Kahn Dance Company.

Nelson has shown her collaborative work in the Failure Festival (created with Blake Nellis – MSP), the Boulder International Fringe Festival, the 2014 Body-Mind Centering Annual Conference (Saratoga Springs, NY), and at the Dairy Center for the Arts (Boulder), Todd Reed Design Studio (Boulder), Eliot Street Collective (Denver), Pirate: Contemporary Art (Denver), and LABCO’s Black Box X (Pittsburgh).  In 2005, Nelson curated and produced In the Foreground, a collection of post-modern and contemporary dance works created by emerging Boulder dance artists, along with the work of professional artist, Gabe Masson.  In November 2012, Nelson completed her interdisciplinary research, Skin & Pulp, where she re-configured CU’s Irey Theater into a gallery of merging performance installations, challenging the temporal, vertical, and proscenium lenses through which we may view dance, performance art, and life.

Chrissy has taught at CI IA, EarthDance, and the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, and is adjunct faculty at CU-Boulder where she has taught Somatic Conditioning, Improvisation, and Injury Prevention, all highly influenced by the work of Jane Hawley, Movement Fundamentals.  She also continues to provide rehabilitation, conditioning, and guest teaching as part of the THDN Wellness Program.  As part of her desire to build community among artists, Nelson facilitates Fieldwork sessions for Boulder performing artists, and longs for the next FRASS evening with the elusive dance artist, Jeanine McCain.


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