The Pain of Becoming, edited, 2014

The Pain of Becoming (2014).  Project Direction: Hugh Lobel.  Music Composition: Hugh Lobel.      Visual Artist: Kyle Monks.  Movement Direction: Chrissy Nelson.  Dancers:  Chrissy Nelson, Gwen Ritchie, Joanna Rotkin, Laura Ann Samuelson. Edited by Kyle Monks.


Skin & Pulp, edited long version, 2012

Skin & Pulp (2012).  Directed by Chrissy Nelson.  Sound composition by Hugh Lobel.  Film & Projections by Kyle Monks.  Performed by Lauren Beale, Sarah Bowers, Charlie Dando, Brooke Gessay, Adam J. Griff, Skye Hughes, Hugh Lobel, Cortney McGuire, Kyle Monks, and Chrissy Nelson.  Documentation by Matt Campbell & Rachel Oliver.  Edited by Kyle Monks & Chrissy Nelson.

Skin & Pulp Research @ MFIC 2012

When I attended the Movement Fundamentals Invitational Coalescence at Luther College, Decorah, IA in the summer 2012, I had the rare opportunity to research my ideas about movement installations with the amazing dance artists at the workshop.  Photos by Silver Moon Photography.  Performers:  Kate Blair, Crysta Caulkins-Clouse, Birte Heinecke, Dana McConnell, Cameron Meilicke, Blake Nellis, Aimee Ringle, and Lily Sloan.